UK & Ireland
August 25, 2016


The Charity Commission has recently granted Spark 21 charitable status. SPARK21 is part of First 100 Years – a ground-breaking research project launched by Obelisk Support in partnership with the Law Society and the Bar Council which is charting the journey of women in the legal profession since 1919, when the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act paved the way for women to become lawyers for the first time.

The charitable objective of Spark 21 is to advance education in the subject of women in the legal and other professions and to this end, the charity will now manage and build the First 100 Years campaign over the next three years. Spark 21 is also tasked to continue the legacy of the project beyond the celebration of 100 years of women in the professions in 2019, given that the charity’s activities focus on both the history and future of women in the professions.

Dana Denis-Smith, founder of the First 100 Years & CEO of Obelisk Support, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, has been responsible for managing the project until now and says:

“Obtaining charitable status makes Spark 21 and its flagship First 100 Years campaign fully independent from the founding partner, Obelisk Support. It is a great opportunity for all those involved in the legal profession to spread the word and support the Charity to reach as wide an audience as possible. I am delighted it can now fly the nest to greater and greater achievements.”