Member buyers want to do more business with women-owned businesses and they created WEConnect International as a certifying body to help ensure the businesses are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women. Scale up your business with the Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification!

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Largest Online Community of Women-Owned Businesses

The WECommunity allows certified women-owned business profiles to be accessible to WEConnect International’s 180+ member buyers and 17,000+ women-owned businesses.

Globally-recognized verification status

WEConnect International certification is a globally-recognized verification for member buyers that a business is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women.

Globally-recognized Women Owned logo

Certified businesses can post the Women Owned logo on consumer products and services to strengthen their brand status.

Preferential admission to virtual and in-person networking opportunities

Enjoy preferential admission to WEConnect International and partner conferences, matchmaking and networking events, and other certified-only events.

Preferential admission to trainings

Certified businesses get preferential admission to mentorship opportunities, in-person trainings and capacity-building programs.

Access to the WEConnect Academy

Participate in invitation-only online courses, webinars and resources offered by subject matter experts and member buyers.

Opportunities to increase brand visibility to corporate buyers and other stakeholders

Boost your brand through virtual and in-person speaking engagements, social media campaigns and media channels.

News and access to unique opportunities and events

Get updates from WEConnect International’s partner training programs, mentorship initiatives and events in national and regional markets.


The four criteria considered for WBE certification by WEConnect International are ownership, management, control and independence. Businesses that meet the criteria are determined to be at least 51% owned, as well as managed and controlled by one or more women. The WEConnect International Seal of Certification Process is open to businesses in 60 countries.

Full eligibility requirements


To verify ownership, documentation is required, and the required documentation varies for each business type. While not an exhaustive list and understanding that terminology may be different in each country, please click here for general documentation requirements.

Full documentation requirements


The non-refundable processing fee for new applications and recertification is based on annual gross revenue and is divided into three (3) groups. Please identify which group and range your company’s revenues fall within to identify the required fee.

2024 Certification Fees

Get certified in three easy steps!

Step 1

Build your WECommunity Network profile

Step 2

Upload the required documents

Step 3

Submit the application and non-refundable fee

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Standards & procedures

See an overview of the standards, governance and processes of WEConnect International
regarding the certification of women-owned businesses.

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