Washington, DC
June 7, 2022


Complex challenges for women-owned businesses have been exacerbated in recent years with the impact of COVID-19, supply chain bottlenecks, and economic uncertainty. Many women entrepreneurs around the world have pivoted their business models and taken advantage of the digital economy to go global. Innovation and determination have made them resilient.

While many small and medium-sized enterprises focus on their domestic market, women business owners should consider scaling beyond local borders to survive and thrive. Going global may seem like a formidable task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are three reasons why now is a great time to go global.

1) Today’s Digital World Makes it Easy to Expand Your Business Globally

You no longer need a brick-and-mortar storefront to do business. Advances in technology and the rise of e-commerce make it easier than ever to expand operations into new markets.

With modern e-marketing technology tools, you can manage sales and marketing from your office, your home or on the go. Your business can have a digital storefront in every country with e-commerce platforms and marketplace services. Express carriers and supply chain management logistics companies can warehouse and fulfill orders, integrate shipping, and let you start exporting with as little as one package.

Initiatives like the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation are working with countries around the world to change customs administration procedures to be electronic, modernized, and transparent. Making it easier for you to get your goods across the border.

2) Companies that Export are More Resilient

Global expansion and a diversified market presence gives your company a way to mitigate risks associated with local economic or geopolitical fluctuations.

Going global means your business will not be as dependent on your local market’s highs and lows. Profitable operations in one market can offset negative performance in another.

No matter how well your business is doing, going global can also help revitalize your products or services by finding a new customer base.

3) Global Companies Have a Stronger Competitive Advantage

Businesses that expand into global markets often do so to gain a first-mover advantage. The move allows them to build strong brand awareness and connection with local customers before their competitors can do so.

International expansion can also provide a company with greater prestige at home, as the perceived image of global operations can help build brand recognition to support future business scenarios, such as contract negotiations, new marketing campaigns, hiring talent or additional expansion.

Going global can help your company find better suppliers and access to the global supply chain which can improve business operations.

Women-owned businesses that trade and export earn more, create more jobs, stay in business longer and are more resilient to financial shocks than those relying exclusively on domestic markets.

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