February 21, 2017


In a recent, provocatively titled article, “Are Millennials, Generation Z Too Lazy For Entrepreneurship?”, Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page identifies the strengths and weaknesses typically assigned to individuals born between 1980 and 2004 and how those traits can create opportunities and challenges to young people considering entrepreneurship. Writes Yaneek:

“Several studies have shown that millennials are ambitious, passionate, open-minded, bold, tech-savvy, excellent multitaskers, caring of the environment and social impact, highly committed to work-life balance, and more than half want to be their own boss. Those are among the more positive attributes. However, studies have also categorized millennials as entitled, narcissistic, impatient, individualistic, lazy, lacking in focus, disloyal and needing instant gratification.”

Yaneek stresses the critical importance of preparing young people for managing expectations and stress:

“There is no doubt that entrepreneurship can be a very rewarding career, and that many millennials have characteristics that will enhance their impact and effectiveness as innovators and business and industry leaders. However, it is important that young people be empowered with adequate knowledge about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship so that they can make informed decisions that maximize their potential while meeting their personal life needs.”

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