December 16, 2014


From The Nation, December 16, 2014:

Suryani SF Motik, WEConnect International’s executive director for Indonesia, said rural people could start with small businesses and then expand gradually.

“You can go to the big companies and ask if they have Corporate Social Responsibility funds. If they do, you can ask them to channel CSR funds into your activities. You can also work with financial institutions, such as banks,” she said.

Motik said bankers usually save accurate data and credit profiles of borrowers in Indonesia. If someone borrows money from a bank, he needs three years of experience, she said.

Motik also shared one of her experiences during the Asian economic crisis in Indonesia.

“During the crisis, women were the backbone of the economy. They set up SMEs. We invited the Central Bank and all the bankers in Indonesia [to discuss how to solve our problems]. All the bankers said that women are the best borrowers. When women borrow money from the banks, they cannot sleep if they cannot pay. So I believe in the women,” said Motik.

“If you want to do the financial inclusion at the micro level, you should give it to the women. The ones who signed the contract should not be men. They should be the women, as they are responsible,” she added.

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