UK & Ireland
August 25, 2016


Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) has just launched the world’s first programme designed to allow organisations to review the gender balance in their current digital presence and identify gaps and anomalies. Their mission is to help shape a world where all digital content is gender balanced, improving the standard for gender balance and the bottom line.

The new Global Certification Standards for Digital Gender Balanced Platforms is an audit and consultancy based process which reviews current service provision, enabling organisations to achieve the digital standard and display the certification logo on their platforms.

You probably know who your customers are, but do you know what they want from you? Why not work with WES and join an elite group of certified companies and organisations who are ‘walking the talk’ and leading the way towards digital gender balance? Through a process of conversation, audit, bespoke consultancy, training and support, they guide participating companies and organisations to Certified status.

The new standards have been designed to optimise content across websites and social media, ensuring that organisations are gender-appropriate and engaging with the whole of their market.

The launch took place at a Women’s Entrepreneurship Event at Scotland House, Brussels, hosted by Annabelle Ewing MSP, Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment. The first of its kind, it aligns with a growing global focus on digital gender balance, with 90% of female entrepreneurs now using some form of web based support service and requiring content which engages with them appropriately.

WES is also inviting individuals and businesses to engage with its #IamYourClient campaign on social media, which invites users to provide feedback on what they like and dislike about digital platforms, highlighting platforms which use real women as case studies.

For further information please contact Carolyn Currie, Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Enterprise Scotland (07906 504359) and Fiona Fraser, Digital and Marketing Manager, Women’s Enterprise Scotland (01828 640494).