September 21, 2016


(September 21, 2016) Ebby Rane is a manufacturer and brand of business and professional luggage and travel accessories with a patented design to help their customers “rediscover the joy of prepping for adventure.” Founded in 2009, they set out to create a carry-on that would change the way people travel – aligning style and brilliance. Their independent collection was born from a place of passion and intention – to establish a luxury travel accessories brand that pushed the limits of functionality while inspiring sophisticated, global adventure.

As a WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise, Ebby Rane proudly displays the women owned logo on their company’s website. Says Creative Director & CEO Sonja M. Salmon: “I am incredibly proud to be part of a growing community of women owned businesses that are reshaping how we partner, collaborate and impact the world around us. As we each strive for achievements and delight in successes and learning opportunities, I am comforted that each day, I am working along side of some amazing women and building relationships founded on aligned values.”

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