March 21, 2017


(March 21, 2017) Established in 2007, Axiomatech works in facility engineering, helping industrial, commercial and manufactural companies with their project management as well as their preventive and predictive maintenance. They offer services such as a service call center operating 24hrs, 7 days a week for all building emergencies (plumbing, electricity, mechanical, small repairs, etc) covering the Ontario, Quebec and maritime provinces. They also offer consulting engineering services in facility and project management.

CEO, Co-Founder and Co-Owner Josée Dufour decided to secure her certification in 2015 in order to meet with other women leading nonconventional businesses as well as to meet and do business with big corporations. She felt the benefits almost immediately.

“With WEConnect International, I met different partners such as BDC, who I now work with. I received excellent advice from other WEConnect International certified and self-registered women by attending seminar sessions and have built relationships with corporate reps which has led to contracts.”

In 2016, Josée traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend WEConnect International Day and the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair. The trip paid off when she connected with reps from WBENC member corporation CBRE Group.

“Honestly, I had previously initiated discussion with CBRE before the conference. However, meeting them in person gave me more inside information on how best to pursue contracts with them and also gave me a better understanding of the way these industries operate. The rep also put me in contact with the local person in Canada.”

Simply meeting the buyer does not ensure a woman business owner will win a corporate contract. Josée had to demonstrate how Axiomatech stands out among the rest of the competition.

“Making the sale rests solely on yourself. You have to know your products and services and to be able to deliver what you promise. Certification gets you in front of the corporations and the support WEConnect International provides helps to guide you through the process of dealing with big corporations. Nonetheless, you are the one who ultimately has to make the difference.”

Certification has brought more than new business; it has brought growth. In three years, Axiomatech went from three employees to 15 and has added a services center. Going forward Josée plans on extending her business to other Canadian provinces and to open a permanent office in Ontario in the next five years.