September 22, 2016


(September 22, 2016) In her latest article, Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of the Canada-based, WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise B. Accountability, addresses the potential impact women-owned business could have on the economy and society. Says Helle:

“Although there is a rise in the number of women-owned businesses in the US, they often remain micro- and small-enterprises, and have contributed about the same amount to the economy that they did in 1997.  Thus, despite the fact that women-owned enterprises are increasing, women are clustered at the bottom of the pyramid, which means that the overall impact of women-owned businesses on the economy and society could be leveraged more…

Women-owned businesses truly are a vehicle for change — they are reaching new corners of the market by fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as the Fortune 500, and are helping advance the SDGs. Now, instead of worrying about B.Accountability being labeled as a niche business because of its Women-Owned Certification, I am eager to engage in the opportunities for partnerships that it allows — and am excited my company not only advances sustainable development with its services, but also with its leadership and contribution to broader system changes.”

Read the article, and watch the video below to hear what Helle has to say about the #Buy16in16 campaignthat calls on everyday consumers to buy 16 women-owned products in 2016.