January 7, 2020



WEConnect International’s WOB Enhanced Verification is a tool for growth-oriented women-owned businesses to declare their business as a women-owned enterprise and expand their B2B opportunities in Bangladesh with corporations that are looking to source goods and services from women entrepreneurs.

Become one of the first women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh to benefit from WOB Enhanced Verification. Here are just a few of the benefits:


WOB Enhanced Verification Free
WEConnect International Certification (once available*) USD$250

Free for the
first 5 applicants

Your business featured on the project Facebook page  Included
Email introduction to corporate partners  Included
Top spot on the Women-Owned Business Registry with photo of your product/logo  Included
Guaranteed spot at the Meet-the-Buyer session** at the 2020 Conference & Business Fair  Included
Guaranteed booth at the 2020 Conference & Business Fair  Included
Access to WEConnect International WECommunit and benefits of self-registration  Included


*In 2020, WEConnect International will offer an internationally recognized standard of certification for women business owners who own, manage and control 51% or more of their businesses. The Women’s Business Enterprise Certification is globally recognized in 45 countries and by 97 of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

**This session will allow you to meet procurement representatives from some of Bangladesh’s largest companies. In a small group setting, you will be able to pitch your business to buyers and learn about procurement opportunities and supplier onboarding processes at their company.


Minimum requirements for WOBs applying for Enhanced Verification:

1. Business must be women-owned and operating in formal sector

2. Business is running for at least five years

3. Business must have a factory or corporate office separate from the home

4. Business must be at least 8,500,000 BDT in annual revenue


Instructions for applying for Enhanced Verification:

1. Go here and proceed with account creation.

2. After creating your account, you will be asked to provide business profile information. Select
“Submit” at the bottom of the page to continue.

3. After clicking “Submit”, send the below documents to
BangladeshWEConnect@weconnectinternational.org in order to complete your application:

– Updated Trade License (if sole proprietorship) OR Certificate of Incorporation (if Limited Company)
– Tax Identification Number: E-TIN If Limited company and Personal TIN for sole-proprietorship)
– VAT registration and VAT (BIN Number)
– List of existing and current certifications (optional)
*Note: WEConnect International will not verify these documents against government databases
and thus cannot certify their validity. However, submission of the three documents is necessary
in order to complete the WOB Enhanced Verification process.

4. If you have other questions, kindly contact BangladeshWEConnect@weconnectinternational.org.


Project Background

The WOB Enhanced Verification program is part of the World Bank Group’s Corporate Connect project that aims to create procurement relationships between women-owned businesses and local and multinational corporations in Bangladesh. In its pilot period, the project engaged over 30 corporations and 150 women entrepreneurs. Local corporate partners include Apex Footwear Ltd., Berger Paints Bangladesh, BRAC Bank, DBL Group, Gemcon Group/Meena Bazaar, Knit Asia Ltd. Group, and others.

Companies affiliated with the Corporate Connect project want to increase their procurement from self-identified women-owned businesses to ensure the money they spend goes toward women and their communities.