January 10, 2020

M2C2: Diversity Leads to Innovation

After a health scare with her father, Julie Mangan, founder of M2C2, discovered firsthand the challenges associated with being a caregiver: the overwhelming decisions and plans to correctly take care of the loved parent or friend, the difficulties linked with having multiple caregivers with no single point of reference for medications, diagnoses and recommendations. Julie and the M2C2 team set about building an application centered around empowering caregivers especially to build a strong and proactive community of support.

M2C2 Communications created the mobile application MedOClock to remind people to take their medication and manage their health record. It has been specially developed to make life easier for caregivers. Secure and easy to use, it will monitor a patient in real time and give the caregivers peace of mind by providing them with all the information.

In founding her company, Ms. Mangan truly values the benefits of surrounding herself with a variety of perspectives. 

“Diversity and inclusion become very relevant as it is ultimately humans behind the technology,” Mangan says. “When addressing the needs of clients from various backgrounds, expertise, cultures and ages, and/or gender, keeping the diversity of the team becomes even more critical.”

MedOClock® was a finalist for “startup of the year” at ADRIQ, a Quebec organization valuing scientific research, and the app will be launched in 2020. The team, in its rapid growth phase, is welcoming discussing with VAR (value added resellers) and persons in charge of the employee’s assistance program.

Julie had some great wisdom to impart when it came to pursuing goals:

Surround yourself with different expertise

Expand the networking groups you would not normally connect with

Get a mentor

Get out of your comfort zone

Be prepared to work hard

Know your value and demonstrate it

M2C2 Communications has been a member of WEConnect International since 2017. Belonging to a group of women-owned enterprises has offered networking possibilities around the world. While participating in trade missions in the U.S., Julie looks forward to getting to know WEConnect International WBEs and Corporate members personally. The relationships established between the suppliers and procurement groups solidifies synergies and connections.