August 20, 2019


WEConnect International partnered with TUSAYDER Women (Women Procurement Executives Institution) and BPW Istanbul (Business and Professional Women) on a unique event that brought together female buyers and sellers in the WEConnect International network on May 25, 2019, in Istanbul.

Johnson & Johnson, a corporate member of WEConnect International, hosted the event, which was attended by several members of its executive leadership.

The ratio of buyers-to-sellers was phenomenal, with 35 women-owned-businesses and 27 buyers from a variety of local and global corporations. WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprises also had the opportunity to claim a booth to showcase their products during the event.



The agenda included sessions for women entrepreneurs to share their experiences and tips for success and a corporate-led session where four large buyers provided guidance on how to become their suppliers.

Key takeaways from the event included: the need for increased interaction between women-owned businesses and procurement teams from large buyers and the need for greater understanding of what it takes to become a vendor.

WEConnect International also shared how to become certified and the benefits of certification to women entrepreneurs in Turkey.



Please contact Nilay Celik at ncelik@weconnectinternational.org to learn how to become certified as a 51% or more women-owned, controlled, and managed business or to become a corporate member and gain access to women-owned suppliers based in more than 110 countries.