May 25, 2019


WEConnect International is pleased to announce two new partnerships in Turkey – one with Business and Professional Women (BPW) Istanbul and another with Tüsayder Women. Both are leading organizations providing services and support to women leaders in Turkey.

BPW Istanbul develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women in Istanbul through skill building, networking, advocacy, and mentoring. It works for women’s economic independence and equal opportunities; supports the leadership development of women and girls; and advocates for the elimination of discrimination against women.

Tüsayder Women aims to increase the number of women purchasing professionals in Turkey and provides professional development and education to them.

WEConnect International is a global non-profit that helps women-owned businesses succeed in global value chains. WEConnect International identifies, educates, registers and certifies women’s business enterprises based outside of the United States that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women, and connects them with its multinational corporate member buyers. WEConnect International corporate members represent over $1 trillion in annual purchasing power and a deep commitment to supplier development and inclusive sourcing, including expanding their spend with women-owned businesses. The result is a network of member buyers working with women business owners based in over 100 countries that are learning, collaborating and winning billions of dollars in new business.

BPW Istanbul President, Selda Alemdar Dinçer, is excited to partner with WEConnect International. “We are more than happy to empower women through this collaboration. WEConnect International also partners with BPW International in some other countries, but this will be our first time in Turkey. Members of BPW İstanbul believe in peace at home and peace in the world, which is the cornerstone in order to bring women together to partner, to collaborate and to succeed worldwide.”

Tüsayder Women’s Dr. Sevgi Yılmaz is also looking forward to its partnership with WEConnect International. “Our most important goal is increasing women’s employment and we do it through several projects in Turkey. The 25th May event will be our second with WEConnect International and we look forward to collaborating on many projects in the future!”

Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO & Co-founder, WEConnect International noted, “WEConnect International is thrilled to partner with both BPW Istanbul and Tüsayder Women to expand the efforts we are all making to strengthen the ecosystem for women business owners in Turkey. The event on 25th May will be the first time we get to work with both organizations to host a meeting of buyers and sellers. We look forward to working together!”

May 25th Event:

WEConnect International, BPW Istanbul, and Tüsayder Women are all keen to expand opportunities for women in Turkey. Their first event together will be 25th May in Istanbul and will bring together women business owners in the WEConnect International and BPW Istanbul network and the women procurement professionals of TUSAYDER WOMEN for a day of enriching sessions, including business matchmaking opportunities. The event is hosted by WEConnect International’s corporate member, Johnson & Johnson. For more information, please contact Nilay Celik: NCelik@WEConnectInternational.org