May 27, 2020

Webinar Teaches Women Business Owners in 24 Countries About Doing Business with United Nations (UN)

NIGERIA, May 27, 2020 —  Women business owners learned about finding new growth opportunities and strategies for scaling up their enterprises in “The Amazon Mindset Webinar Series” hosted by WEConnect International. Over 140 people from 24 countries and 18 states in Nigeria attended the webinar titled “Doing Business with the United Nations.” The aim of the webinar was to connect more women-owned businesses to the UN’s Procurement Division.  

Two senior procurement professionals from the UN Office of Supply Chain Management led the webinar. Chief of Vendor Registration and Outreach, Mika Kitagami, and Procurement Officer and Team Leader, Isabelle Dupuy, explained how to start selling to the UN, the tender process and registering as a vendor supplier. After the presentation, Ms. Kitagami and Ms. Dupuy answered questions from individual business owners about collaborating with the UN Procurement Division. Attendees left the virtual conference with new relationships started and a path forward for expanding their target markets. 


The United Nations Procurement Division provides business advice, as well as procurement services, to UN headquarters, other UN organizations, and peacekeeping missions, and has over $18 billion in annual procurement spending. WEConnect International supports its partner, the United Nations Procurement Division, in its goal to increase its purchasing from women in Africa and in more than 100 countries around the world. Below photo: Isabelle Dupuy, left. Mika Kitagami, right.