June 10, 2020


ONLINE, June 10, 2020 — Women-owned businesses in Nigeria gained valuable strategies to increase the flexibility their businesses need to face COVID-19 in the next installment of WEConnect International’s Amazon Mindset Webinar Series. The webinar aimed to educate attendees about new practices that allow owners to keep innovating and delivering increased customer value in the face of market evolution.

AstraZeneca’s HR Director, 
Smitha Ramouthar, told attendees about an effective management system called the “Agile Mindset” that helps owners and managers build flexible business capacity to adapt to rapid market change. Ms. Ramouthar stressed that businesses need to consider new organizational designs to address the altered business environment caused by COVID-19. She said that implementing an Agile Mindset can be the difference between success and being left behind. 



Ms. Ramouthar detailed Agile Mindset strategies such as deploying small self-organizing teams to achieve business goals and using an interactive network for collaboration. In addition, she covered common business practices that are dysfunctional in the current market. Barriers to success in these new conditions include maintaining a profit-centered business strategy, an organizational structure with fixed rules and criteria, and a top-down hierarchy with multiple layers and divisions. 

Armed with new insights, attendees exited the webinar knowing how to strengthen their business practices to face the road ahead and remain resilient throughout a pandemic and any other market disruptions that might be on the horizon. 


AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business providing innovative medicines used by millions of patients worldwide. Driven by its innovative science and entrepreneurial culture, AstraZeneca is focused on the delivery of life-changing medicines that are fueling growth and contributing value to patients and society.