March 18, 2020


We caught up with Certified WBE Esraa AbouAmin recently and are pleased to feature her company, NISOM NL ISO & Management Mentor Ltd. in this month’s Certified WBE Spotlight.

How long have you been in business, and why did you start?
I’m the Founder and Owner of NISOM NL ISO & Management Mentor Ltd. NISOM, which was launched in 2014. I’m an entrepreneur who brings a diverse background of managerial and business development experience in shipyards, industrial organizations, mental health and wellbeing education, non-profit organizations and small/medium industries.  My work has been recognized with numerous awards of excellence. I’ve got an infectious enthusiasm for personal and professional excellence, and have been inspiring individuals and teams for over 19 years.

What’s your go-to Elevator Pitch?
NISOM provid[es] professional-technical services helping companies to be more profitable, competitive and internationally recognized. We are providing solutions that change the way people work and organizations do business. [We offer] an extensive suite of professional and certified ISO/ Management coaching and consulting services quickly and cost-effectively. Our ideal clients are organizations looking for our services worldwide, with professional services being offered in both Arabic and English.

Which geographical areas do you service?
NISOM is an incorporated management consulting company based in St John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada.

How long has your organization been certified with WEConnect International?
NISOM has been certified WEConnect International since 2018 sponsored by Hebron and Hibernia Projects supplier diversity program.

What are the benefits of this network and certification?
Learning opportunities are essential for such a professional service provider business like NISOM.

What 3 tips do you have for women entrepreneurs?

  • Do not give up!
  • Share your mental health challenges with professionals and do not be shy to ask for help.
  • Keep yourself updated and current with news in your industry.
  • Learn something new every day.

Any big plans or announcements you’d like to share?
I have been in business since I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in 2002. I experienced many ups and downs for years before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016.

I was fighting a hidden enemy because I was afraid to share my mental issues with others as a business owner. My advice: Do not be shy – share your struggle. You are a human being and a woman. Being a woman in business does not mean being strong 24/7. You deserve to take care of your mental wellness as well as your business life.

My mental illness stopped my progress several times. I did not give up. I kept myself busy with learning and got a masters [degree] in business and engineering management, and an MSC in implementing management in Maritime and heavy industries and shipyards. I learned more about mental health and completed several courses at the same time as being a registered certified ISO 9001,14001 and 18001 Lead Auditor.

Living with mental illness is a struggle, but learning is my unique tool to keep myself a successful woman in business.


Website: www.nisom.ca
Email: esraa@nisom.ca
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nisomltd/
Linkedin: Esraa AbouAmin https://www.linkedin.com/in/esraa-abouamin/