March 15, 2020

Gerakan Maju Wanita Indonesia (ANJANI)

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, March 15, 2020 — WEConnect International and Procter and Gamble were proud to launch a comprehensive capacity building program called Gerakan Maju Wanita Indonesia (ANJANI) at P&G Indonesia’s Head Office in Jakarta.

The four-day workshop provided 20 Indonesian women entrepreneurs, representing a variety of sectors, to grow their capabilities and opportunities through trainings on business strategy, strategic customer targeting, developing mobile-friendly creatives, access to capital, human resources and leadership. A key highlight was the session on pitching to large corporate organizations.


“With the “Understanding Your Customers” module, we had an aha moment that resulted in a new tagline for our business, we got new hope on how we could market our product in a more relatable and more effective way! Thank you P&G, thank you WEConnect International for actually making this training happen and for letting me participate!” – Putri Rara Padmitha, Kenar Indonesia

“This training was especially necessary and beneficial right now with the tough economic conditions due to Covid-19. Thank you very much P&G and WEConnect International for providing us with insights on how to strengthen our business over the last 4 days!” – Ayme Melissa Hamid, Tierra Dama Jaya