March 5, 2020

WBE 2 WBE Day: Meeting Corporate Procurement Team Needs

SOUTH KENSINGTON, LONDON, March 5, 2020 — This WBE 2 WBE Day was designed to answer important question that arose during the WEConnect International Europe Conference in November 2019. At that event, a forum discussed questions about procurement processes, buyer expectations, RFP timelines, etc.

By attending this event, participants learned more about the tendering process, time frames involved, steps to ensure their business is tender-ready and tips on building a tender tool kit. In addition, attendees heard about the challenges faced by procurement teams. For those firms who don’t use a formal tendering method, the event also covered the importance of branding and how to stand out when buyers are looking at a business as a potential supplier. 

Hosted by Cisco at their offices near Heathrow, this event brought together representatives from 29 certified WBEs and four corporate members. Presenters included Gill Thorpe, CEO, The Sourcing Team; Bryan Wiggins, Program Manager, Supplier Diversity, Global Procurement Services, Cisco; Gemma Wilson-Vidal, Head of Production & Operations, Spoon London; Frederique Rammeloo, CEO, Dexter Global Business Solutions and Liz Axten, Business Development Director, KTS Events.