March 4, 2020


Feyza Özay Ekşi knew how important handcrafts and traditional arts are, especially in Europe, but realized that traditional Turkish handcrafts from the Anatolian cities were in risk to be forgotten. She believed in creating value by blending the works of the masters with a modern design and packaging and founded Decoristan in 2014.

By 2016 Feyza was ready to expand her business and obtained the WEConnect International certification. “Foremost, WEConnect International supports my self-improvement and provides me a network to show and express my work. Professionally, it has provided me the opportunity to work with important companies in the sector.”

Decoristan Hediyelik met with MP Hotels in 2019 during the WEConnect International Annual Conference in Turkey. Towards the end of the year, they were already supplying tea and coffee sets to the Malta MP Hotel. They also met with BKM, one of the most renown financial companies, who is now purchasing Decoristan designs for their corporate and employee gifts. They were also able to partner with JW Marriott Ankara for souvenirs and coffee sets.

According to Feyza, “We produce designs from traditional crafts with a modern interpretation; we also customize our designs based on our customer preferences. I believe that, in addition to our high design standards, providing customized solutions for our customers and offering the right product within the right timing are the main reasons why our business stands out. We are proud to contribute to increase the perception that women are good entrepreneurs.”