December 21, 2014


At a “Meet the Buyer” event supported by ExxonMobil, we heard some positive feedback from women entrepreneurs who attended. The goal of the events was to bridge the gap between women entrepreneurs and the oil and gas industry and ultimately increase the number of WEConnect International certified women vendors registered with ExxonMobil.

Their testimonials are below:

“When a woman has information, a woman has self-confidence. When you gather them together like this, and you teach them a train them how they can key into programs to improve their businesses, to actually believe that they can operate at a certain level, you are doing so much.” – Onyenka Onwenu, Director General, National Center for Women Development

“There couldn’t have been a better way to learn to step up your business to an optimum level.” – Uduak Winifred, Woman Business Owner

“I did not know that regular people can actually do business with multinationals.” – Funlola Tinubu, Woman Business