September 4, 2014


Mexico City, September 4, 2014

On September 4, U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne and Deputy Chief of Mission Laura Dogu participated in the third annual WEConnect International Mexico Forum entitled, “Incorporating Women-Owned Businesses in Global Value Chains.”  This event was a unique opportunity for women-owned enterprises here in Mexico to connect with large multinational enterprises and learn how they could integrate into their supply chains.

“WEConnect International has been a strong partner with us for many years in highlighting the role that successful Mexican and foreign corporations play in fostering the economic empowerment of women,” said Ms. Dogu at the opening ceremony of the conference to an audience of entrepreneurs, women business owners and large local and multinational corporations.

In May 2013, the U.S. Department of State and the National Entrepreneurship Institute (INADEM) launched the “Mexican – U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council” or (MUSEIC) to enhance regional competitiveness by strengthening the North American high-impact entrepreneurship eco-system.  In creating the Council, Mexico became the first Latin American country to join the State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Program.  One of the Council’s core objectives is to promote women’s entrepreneurship and WEConnect is leading this effort.

Ambassador Wayne also participated in the WeConnect forum and in his closing remarks noted, “During my time here in Mexico, I’ve met some incredible Mexican women leaders and entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of reducing economic barriers for women.  This is an issue that is close to my heart.  I believe that supporting women is not only the RIGHT thing to do, it is the SMART thing to do. ” The Ambassador also congratulated WEConnect on signing a memorandum of understanding with the MUSEIC co-chair for Innovation Clusters which is working with Mexican National Institute for Entrepreneurs (INADEM) to increase women-owned businesses in cluster mapping efforts.

WEConnect International, along with Vital Voices, created a partnership launched at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting that is committed to integrate more women-owned businesses into corporate supply chains.  To learn more about WeConnect Mexico and hear testimonials from women entrepreneurs who have participated in WeConnect programs, visit: http://goo.gl/x10k1y.

Link to Deputy Chief of Mission Dogu’s opening remarks at WeConnect International Mexico Forum

Link to Ambassador Wayne’s closing remarks at WeConnect International Mexico Forum