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Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Business Case

Bias in Value Chains Video

One of the key obstacles for gender-inclusive sourcing is bias, both conscious and unconscious. Hear from women-owned businesses from around the globe as to the challenges of bias that they often face, and from three leading multinational corporations as to how to address and work to mitigate bias in value chains. Once the bias is identified and acknowledged, actions can be taken to address it, including the consideration of capable women-owned businesses for procurement opportunities.

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C-Suite Video

Geared to the C-Suite audience, this video provides a high level overview of global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion and how corporations and governments can benefit economically with inclusive sourcing efforts.

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Business Case Report

This report demonstrates why corporations such as Accenture, EY, IBM, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Walmart and others are investing time and resources to build global inclusive sourcing strategies. The report, entitled “The Business Case for Global Supplier Diversity and Inclusion: The Critical Contributions of Women and Other Underutilized Suppliers to Corporate Value Chains,” highlights many of the good practices corporations are implementing to achieve successful outcomes, what metrics are available to assess impact and what sustainable business benefits members are deriving from their access to the world’s best solutions.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

This virtual panel discussion includes experienced subject matter experts from Citi Group, Intel and Procter & Gamble, who shared how their corporations leverage their support for gender inclusive sourcing in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The webinar is an insightful discussion for corporations on these best practices and how to enhance their internal business case for gender-inclusive sourcing.
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CEO Video Interviews

Learn how to accelerate inclusive sourcing from women entrepreneurs, the need for women to have equal access to markets, how major corporations are supporting women business-owners through strategic buying and sourcing, and more in this collection of insightful interviews.

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Development Supplier Diversity & Inclusion in Middle East & North Africa

This virtual panel discusses why supplier diversity & inclusion is good for business and best practices to begin and develop sustainable SD&I efforts in MENA. The session is designed for representatives from corporations and buying organizations who are interested in finding out more about supplier diversity and inclusion efforts in the region.

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Developing Global SD&I Effort

Global SD&I Checklist

WEConnect International has developed a Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Checklist to help multinational corporations and multilateral organizations assess their global supplier diversity and inclusion programs and identify potential areas for improvement. The checklist includes policy assessment, planning, processes and standards; measurement, tracking, reporting and accountability. Each item on the checklist is scored. The goal of any multinational corporation or multilateral organization dedicated to supplier diversity and inclusion is to reach 100 points.

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Africa Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices Webinar June 9th, 2021

This virtual panel discusses best practices to begin and develop sustainable SD&I efforts in Africa.

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Developing Supplier Diversity in Asia Pacific

This virtual panel discusses best practices to begin and develop sustainable SD&I efforts in Asia Pacific. The session was designed for representatives from corporations and buying organizations who are interested in finding out more about inclusive sourcing efforts in Asia Pacific.

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Developing Supplier Diversity in Europe

This virtual panel discusses best practices to begin and develop sustainable SD&I efforts in Europe. The session is designed for representatives from corporations and buying organizations who are interested in finding out more about supplier diversity and inclusion efforts in Europe.

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Developing Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Efforts in Latin America

Hear from experienced subject matter experts on the challenges and opportunities in developing sustainable supplier diversity efforts in Latin America.

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Top Global Champions for SD&I

In partnership with Disability:IN and the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) , WEConnect International announced its 2022 Top Global Champions for Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (SD&I) today, in which some of the world’s largest corporations that have demonstrated their commitment to global inclusive sourcing from diverse groups including minority-, women-, LGBT- and disabled-owned businesses were recognized.
This distinction recognizes corporations for achieving the highest percentages of non-US diverse spend among all survey participants and awardees were announced at WEConnect International’s virtual live awards ceremony during the annual Global Symposium for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion event.
The 2022 awardees were honored in platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories. These WEConnect International Top Global Champion Award-winning multinational giants are leading the way toward more inclusive value chains.

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Go Global with Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

According to the International Trade Administration, more than 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power and 95 percent of its customers are now located outside the US. To take your supplier diversity and inclusion program to the global level, WEConnect International has what you need to know to succeed. We will show you what you need to get started, practical steps to create a gold standard program and how to leverage the WEConnect International network to maximize your impact.

View a webinar presented by leading corporate supplier diversity and inclusion professionals from Accenture, Citi, Cummins, and Enterprise Holdings on how they have successfully expanded their SD&I efforts utilizing innovative strategies as well as providing best practices.

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SD&I Code of Conduct

A diverse supply chain means a sustainable supply chain. The Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Code of Conduct has been developed by the Royal Bank of Scotland and endorsed by WEConnect International. The Code is guided by the principles of inclusion, development, compliance and continuous improvement.

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Women-Owned Suppliers

Certified WBEs Help With COVID-19

Many certified women’s business enterprises offer help to combat the challenges of COVID-19. To assist in the global efforts addressing the challenges of COVID-19, the WEConnect International team has put together a listing of women-owned businesses, by region, that can support these efforts.

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Search for Women-Owned Suppliers

To help you fulfill your SD&I objectives, you can find women-owned business suppliers and see full company profiles in our WECommunity platform. Our global database of 10,000+ female suppliers and member buyers is accessible and searchable by WEConnect International member buyers and certified Women’s Business Enterprises.

WECommunity Platform Guide

Tier 2

Grow Tier 2 Efforts Beyond US Borders

The Global Tier 2 Toolkit was developed to assist corporate members with growing Tier 2 efforts beyond US borders, providing guidelines and best practices shared from successful corporate global initiatives. As procurement and tracking efforts vary by company, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but provides key information and strategic guidance.

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Tier 2 in the Global SD&I Value Chain

This virtual panel discussion incudes experienced subject matter experts from Ford, IBM, Intel, Merck and Procter & Gamble, who share best practices and key SD&I implementation steps. See how these experts have developed and implemented strategies to engage prime suppliers within the corporate value chains with Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion efforts and how they grew Tier 2 efforts beyond the U.S. borders.

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Research/Best Practices

Hackett Supplier Diversity Presentation

See the business case for supplier diversity with a clear, evidence-based presentation from the Hackett Group.

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Scaling Women-Owned Businesses Report

A new report by the Council on Scaling Women-Owned Businesses has found breaking down barriers to new markets and capital is essential for women-owned businesses to survive and thrive.

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