August 20, 2016


WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise VIVO team offers online testing, training and tracking with its web-based team productivity packages, so that companies can increase their ability to perform and grow. As well, as teams become more functional and productive, employees gain insights and confidence on how to become a member of a highly functioning team. This program has been designed for small businesses and the solopreneur who is looking for development but may not have a team to train with.

This course is available to:

  • 1 to 4 employees: Micro-enterprise (M-E)
  • 5 to 100: Small business.

How will a business owner benefit from VIVO’s Small Business program?

As a small business owner, entrepreneur or manager, you have to be a “Jack or Jill of all things” until you reach a size when you can hire skilled people. VIVO Training will provide you with the foundation skills to help you understand how to best run your small business.

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