UK & Ireland
July 12, 2017


(July 12, 2017) WEConnect International recently held its first ever photo contest for women-owned businesses. We received nearly 100 entries from 11 countries and named 5 finalists who are now in the running for a grand prize. Though SEaB Energy entry was not chosen for the final round, we wanted to share their photo and a little more about the company. In their own words:

SEaB Energy Limited is a UK company, designing and commercialising ground-breaking technology which creates renewable energy, water and fertiliser from onsite organic waste.

Our award-winning and patented FLEXIBUSTER™ and MUCKBUSTER™ are small-scale waste-to-energy systems that use anaerobic digestion to turn waste into resources. The MUCKBUSTER™ is designed for farm and agricultural waste; the FLEXIBUSTER™ is for food and catering waste. Businesses in these sectors which produce between 0.5 ‑ 2.5 tonnes of organic waste per day form the basis of our target market.The FLEXIBUSTER™ and MUCKBUSTER™ offer disruptive on-site alternatives to centralised waste processing, removing the necessity and associated costs, diesel consumption and carbon emissions of transporting waste.”

The photo submitted is of Sandra Sassow, CEO and Co-Founder of SEaB Energy, at inaugural event of a FLEXIBUSTER™, in Gaia, Portugal – the company’s first export in 2016. WEConnect International loved the creativity of the submission.