UK & Ireland
July 10, 2017


(July 10, 2017) WEConnect International recently held its first ever photo contest for women-owned businesses. We received nearly 100 entries from 11 countries and named 5 finalists who are now in the running for a grand prize. Though Cognadev’s entry – “Attract, Retain and Develop the Right talent” – was not chosen for the final round, we wanted to share their photo and a little more about the company.

Cognadev specialises in the development of assessment methodologies, their application in the work environment and, given the results, the development of people and organisations. They aim to lead the field in developing and providing innovative and sophisticated psychological assessment and development methodologies to empower HR practitioners, consultants, employees in the work environment and individuals, to understand and optimize talent.

Their assessments include the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), Values Orientations (VO), Motivational Profile (MP) and the Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM). Their core business focus is in medium to large corporate organisations as well as educational institutes from the ages of 16 years and up.

97% of their business comes from the corporate sector, where companies are going through change, succession planning, recruitment, talent match and development. They have successfully supported over 1000 corporate clients and their clients keep using their products due to the insight and value gained from it, especially our CPP.