August 7, 2018


Tenacious woman business owner, Vimala Ariyan considers her organization, the Southern African Institute of Learning (SAIL), her third child. She started down this road as an educator in KwaZulu Nata, later joining the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), where she decided to turn to occupational training. That decision led her to found SAIL, where she serves as an intensely dedicated Managing Director. 

SAIL specialises in training and developing public employees, primarily in local government. The business aims to make a positive difference in the workplace that benefits both employees and employers. With more than 10 000 learners in all 278 municipalities nationally trained and certified, SAIL has become an institute of choice for many clients.  

After an introduction to WEConnect International in April 2016, Ms. Ariyan certified SAIL as a Women’s Business Enterprise in August 2016. Soon thereafter, Ms. Ariyan earned a place in the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Programme, which provides leadership development to elite women business owners. 

Moreover, connecting to the WEConnect International network has allowed Ms. Ariyan to expand into the global market. She revised her business plan and focused on implementing the technological and innovative practices to meet global standards so SAIL could serve the entire African region. 

SAIL’s progress relies entirely on Ms. Ariyan’s clear vision of the company’s potential. Just as a mother leads her child to a promising future, she’s carried the organization to where it is today.

Vimala Ariyan I vimala@sail-edu.net I +27 11 028 0270 I www.sail-edu.net