July 31, 2019


Rigmor Berthier, Hui Ting Lee, and Cecile Gauthier so enjoyed working together at a previous agency, they founded their own consulting and design agency in 2015. Lime Agency allowed them to capitalize on “the kind of dynamic that makes you happy to go to work in the morning.” 

Since then, their marketing, communication and advertising agency has diversified both their client base and service offerings. Due to their success in transforming and redesigning cosmetic brands, a client recommended them to Johnson & Johnson, which appreciated their “client-specific marketing analysis” and design research strategy. In the past two years, their partnership with Johnson & Johnson has helped Lime Agency grow by 30% in the first year of collaboration, and 40% in the second. 

Along with web design and development and branding workshops, the three women are dedicated activists because it’s “part of our DNA.” They say that “being female entrepreneurs, we are painfully aware of the challenges that women-owned business can face and, to us, being part of this conversation was essential, not only for us but also for future generations of women.” 

Inspired by the need for marketplace equality, they got certified through WEConnect International. They say that in addition to increasing their visibility through networking with corporations, WEConnect International has provided “high-value training.” The trio hopes that WEConnect International can further help them access larger market opportunities and new vendors. They are currently in contact with Johnson & Johnson’s procurement services to make that a reality.  

Further strategies for growth include launching a new website, offering a full range of client-focused new services, increasing their digital efficiency and supporting more social enterprises. 

Learn more about Lime Agency from their website, or by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.