June 9, 2019


Monserrat Beltrán, Executive Director and Founder of HSH Idea Interior in Mexico, talks about her journey to close a contract with DuPont.

What inspired you to start your business?

I am a graphic designer specialized in illustration. My inspiration to start my own business was my passion for graphic design and interior design, realizing that my talent and commitment could generate a different alternative in the market, offer unique, high-quality products with handmade designs to provide an added value and adapt to the needs of our consumers.

What value has WEConnect International WBE certification brought to your business?

It has allowed me to expose my products to corporates and approach executives and buyers directly. Despite the short time that I have been a certified businesswoman in the network, I have noticed the buyers’ commitment to diversify their supply chains, recognize our competitiveness in the market, and provide us the opportunity to know more about our products and services in order to generate business together.

How did you get in touch with DuPont?

I met WEConnect International upon recommendation from Marriot International. Shortly after my certification, I attended the Annual Forum in Mexico in 2018 and had the opportunity to meet a DuPont executive who directed me to the buyer. We were offered the possibility of a contract, but our services did not suit their needs. Soon after, we participated in a new tender and were able to close the current contract.

What made your business stand out to them?

The quality of the materials, finishing, and design of our products, as well as our flexibility to adapt to the customer needs.

What advice do you have for young female entrepreneurs?

That you should never give up and that each obstacle will eventually strengthen their business. Perseverance can make your projects come true and you have to always take the positive out of each situation to reach the next level. Tolerance to frustration is key to stand firm until you achieve your goals.

Approximately how much additional revenue has the business deal provided for your company?

Compared to our 2018 earnings, the contract represents a 30% increase in revenue. In addition, we hired 10 new employees.

Are there any other ways that your company has grown up as a result of the new business deal and/or WEConnect International?

It has allowed us to build credibility with corporates, who identify us as a reliable company with the support of WEConnect International. Being part of the women entrepreneur directory gives us the opportunity to diversify our products and services, identifying companies with which we can work together and support each other for mutual growth.