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February 28, 2014


ClinTec International, one of WEConnect International’s certified women owned businesses, celebrated Rare Disease Day on the 28th February 2014 as an act of full solidarity with all patients suffering from rare disease conditions. It is hoped that such an expression of support will make a meaningful difference to all those with Rare Disease across the globe. ClinTec, together with other healthcare sector companies, are keen to let patients with Rare Disease know that they are all in this together as the challenge to advance treatments continues to expand.

Over the past few years, a dynamic relationship has evolved between ClinTec International and research into patients with Rare Diseases. ClinTec has several programs in Rare Disease running globally. In 2007, the company assisted in phase III trials in Thalassemia in Egypt, which successfully closed out. ClinTec has experience in several natural history and pharmaceutical trials including Niemann Pick’s Disease, Gaucher’s Disease, Wolman’s Disease and other Lysosomal storage disorder studies. ClinTec employees have been working extensively on long term study programs.

The company is passionate about the studies that they handle. ClinTec understands the overwhelming experience of patients who do not have much knowledge or have no available treatment for the condition and very often struggle beyond the condition itself with misdiagnoses, failed treatments and great expenses. However, advancements in the field of Rare Disease have gained momentum in the past few years.

Research into rare disease offers opportunities to uncover findings that can lead to significant breakthroughs. With experience in having conducted studies in various regions, ClinTec is able to provide strategic solutions from the starting point of gaining new insight in various areas. The knowledge gained from Natural History studies serves as the foundation to plan and design studies in various regions.

As a Clinical Research Organisation, ClinTec International plays a pivotal role in all phases of the drug development process. ClinTec has partnered with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to bring life-saving drugs to patients who have minimal or no access to these drugs, for example in the MENA region. ClinTec has vast experience in dealing with the complexities of such trials including in paediatric populations and the obstacles they present. The dedicated teams at ClinTec are acutely aware of the importance of patient referral networks for achieving recruitment targets and the use of study and disease awareness campaigns and materials to identify referring investigators and ensure the targeted patient populations have all background information necessary.

It is ClinTec’s passion for supporting research in Rare Disease that has helped its teams to learn and grow operations in different regions of the world. ClinTec is attending the World Orphan Drug Congress in Washington D.C, US on the 23rd to 25th April 2014.
ClinTec’s vast experience is the motivation for greater collaboration towards innovative therapies and to enable access of life saving medications to patients with Rare Disease.
ClinTec encourages everyone to join in to show their support to inspire others in this critical field.

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