December 17, 2020

Canadian Women Business Owners Learn How to Scale Up

Toronto, CANADA, December 18, 2020 – Canadian women business owners from five provinces graduated December 14th from the inaugural 2020 P&G Business Development Program, which was held online over four sessions in November and December. This exclusive course, offered through a WEConnect International partnership with Procter & Gamble, was designed to empower women with the tools and knowledge needed to do business with global supply chains. 

“Bringing real-world expertise and vast professional experience to the sessions was important to us and the P&G team delivered,” said Stephanie Fontaine, Country Director for WEConnect International in Canada. “We were thrilled to partner with the P&G team to design and implement this complementary and robust learning program for the women businesses in our network.”

The series offered insights and business capacity-building skills delivered by corporate experts with decades of experience in building inclusive supply chains. Participants learned tactics and strategies to develop and scale their enterprises. 

Topics included the “Power of Inclusive Leadership,” offered by P&G Canada President Geraldine Huse, performance management techniques, and a hands-on pitch-polishing session, among others. The female entrepreneurs, with an average of five years in business, found real value in the program. 

“I leave the program having connected with fellow women business owners, and with practical insights I can apply to my business,” said Rosaria Giorgi, CEO, Xuaxa – Reimagining Chocolate. 

“I have picked up a wealth of information to help us as we continue to grow and manage the business,” said Susan Pons, Coach & Chief Operating Officer, Clear Concept Inc. 

By providing a platform for the growth-oriented entrepreneurs to share their business challenges, the program succeeded in creating a community of women business owners and building business connections. As a result, the 25 participants walked away with both solutions and a new cohort of allies. 


The P&G Business Development Program and other robust activities are exclusively offered to women businesses in the WEConnect International network. To join the WECommunity and be informed of upcoming opportunities, register your women-owned business here. It’s free!