June 25, 2015


If you are a woman business owner, why not get your company certified under the new WEConnect scheme, which helps women business owners win contracts from large companies?

WEConnect is an exciting, innovative organisation connecting women-owned businesses to corporate contracts, helping to break down a major barrier faced by women business owners.

Sue Lawton, Director of Development, WEConnect says: “While you must still be competitive in price, quality and delivery, WBE certification will differentiate your business and ensure access to contract bidding opportunities that until now have been difficult to identify.”
Although 16 per cent of UK businesses are women owned, as few as 5 per cent of corporate and public sector contracts go to women-owned businesses.

One of the first companies to be certificated is Cambridge-based Doyle Morris Coaching & Development run by Suzanne Doyle-Morris. She says: “I’m delighted about WEConnect because it gives me the chance to build relationships with large organisations which want to work with women-owned businesses. I’m looking forward to meeting procurement executives within large companies who are happy to deal with smaller businesses. It’s pushed me to think bigger than I would have otherwise and I’ve realized that to play with the big boys, we need to be thinking bigger ourselves!”

Another newly certified company is WiFi Solutions, run by Amanda Shaw in the North West of England. Amanda says that when she started out in business two years ago she was loath to approach large companies. “Now, I’m not afraid of approaching anyone – I go straight to the top!”

If you are a women business owner contact admin@weconnecteurope.org to find out more about how your business could be certified.