UK & Ireland
December 25, 2016


Anna Hill, Co-Founder of River Cycleway Consortium, a WEConnect International women-owned business, was honored to be one of fifteen of the UK’s most innovative women in Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation Awards.

This has proven to be a fantastic demonstration that British funding is supporting ambitious projects which use creative problem-solving to develop solutions to some of society’s most pressing issues.

Speaking at the awards ceremony at London’s Royal Society of Arts, Anna Hill said:  “Women-led enterprise is often more collaborative and more likely to involve a longer term vision engaged with the circular economy and high social impact and this should be acknowledged and celebrated. I hope that this recognition as a disruptive innovator will help to inspire a new generation to be bold, inventive, pursue their dreams, and to prepare for a more resilient and adaptive future.”

In addition, the ambition and creativity of their plans have been endorsed by the Eden Project.  Tim Smit, Chairman & Co-Founder of the Eden Project Trust, said: “The Thames Deckway is a beautiful ambitious project exploring how to open up what is probably the most beautiful city in the world… to the millions of people who live there but feel unsafe in navigating its mysteries and delights. The Thames is the artery that makes London such a unique and diverse city. To open it up in this way is an extraordinarily bold statement of joy and self-confidence in our capital, but more than that it will tempt countless people to venture out to the least explored areas of the city and in doing so will open up opportunities to spread wealth and opportunities further and wider than ever before.”