July 26, 2017


(July 26, 2017) Comunica was established in February 2013 and certified by WEConnect International in October 2016. It provides services in corporate communication: actions of internal communication, website development, publications, press office, and more. See how WEConnect International has helped Rosana grow her business!

Why did you become certified by WEConnect International?

I considered the WEConnect International certification an excellent opportunity do establish contact with big corporations, obtain new knowledge and exchange experiences with other women business owners. I took part in some meetings organized by WEConnect International right at the beginning. Recently, I had a great opportunity to run for a place in Monsanto’s Mentoring Program.

What company are you doing business with as a result of the certification and other WEConnect International network benefits?

We are currently providing internal communications services to WEConnect International corporate member Monsanto. Firsts contacts were made by email with professionals from the procurement area. Then we took part in an event held by Monsanto and that strengthened the relationship. After this connection, Comunica was invited to take part in some bids. We received the briefing of the campaign and presented our commercial and creative offer. We succeeded in our third bid!

What is the differentiating factor for your company? What made the sale?

In addition to our experience, our differentiating factor is customized service to each client. In big agencies, a client is just one more client. Here, each client is treated with exclusiveness, according to their communication needs.

What impact has certification and your new business deal had on your company?

WEConnect International certification gave us more credibility and backing. As for having Monsanto as a client, this enriched our portfolio and, certainly, will enable new opportunities to provide services to other big companies. We intend to take part in other bids in Monsanto, broaden our clients, make our business growth more sustainably and assure work and revenue to more professionals.