South Africa
March 28, 2017


(March 28, 2017) When passion is paired with practical business skills, women business owners increase their chances of success. On 17 March 2017 in Johannesburg, the WEConnect International in South Africa Connect Session, hosted by corporate member Intel, brought together 45 women’s business enterprises and women business owners to address essential business skills, including: perfecting your pitch, optimising opportunities related to requests for proposals, and best practices in customer service. Corporates in attendance were Deaneesha Govender, Commodity Manager – GER Regional Strategic Sourcing, Intel; Zellie Emtoch, Facilities Manager, Intel; and Grace Seeme, ESDP Lead, Accenture.

The morning event was led by Deaneesha and covered each aspect in detail through interactive sessions. Jean Chawapiwa, Country Director of WEConnect International in South Africa and Tania Reid, owner of certified women’s business enterprise iThemba Office Solutions, coached women’s business enterprises and women business owners on best practices in developing and refining business pitches.


Key messages from the training include:

  • Women business owners must be aware that they have one opportunity to make a first impression
  • To make a great first impression, it is important to know your business and specifically how to pitch it

“Through this learning event and by sharing common concerns and leveraging of networking opportunities, WEConnect International’s women business owners are gaining confidence and employing best practice in their dealings with corporates,” said Deaneesha, “We collected various questions and requests that we will pick up on in our next session as we continue to build the relationship and increase the understanding of our processes and global opportunities.”

For more information, contact Jean Chawapiwa, Country Director of WEConnect International in SA I  jchawapiwa@weconnectinternational.org I +27 836606586