South Africa
July 14, 2017


(July 14, 2017) Twenty-one women business owners completed the fourth phase of their South African P&G Training Programme in Johannesburg. They are now approximately two weeks away from graduation set for July 28, 2017, following the completion of the 10-module programme. The training course is a collaborative initiative between P&G and WEConnect International in South Africa. Held on July 14, 2017, modules seven and eight of the intensive and interactive training focused on procurement and human resources. Experts from P&G were supported by successful women business owners with expertise in human resources to further complement the knowledge shared on the modules.

‘Buying’ and ‘managing’ may seem like fairly simple business processes, but these 21 women business owners in attendance discovered that there was a lot more to executing these processes successfully. They were immersed in the finer details of procurement as they came to grips with Module 7, titled “Understanding Procurement Processes.” P&G’s Shereen Wardakan, Group Purchasing Manager for SSA Marketing & SEA Purchasing Cluster Leader, and Laylah Kara, Senior Purchasing Manager for P&G, explored best practices and understanding. They explained P&G’s global processes, and gave tips and advice on various steps and preparation for dealing with a global corporate. Vigorous discussion on real-life experiences from both sides of the processes gave breadth and substance to the training.

The learning and exchanges continued into Module 8, which focused on human resources. The training was led by Makgatho Mongwai, an HR Manager for P&G (known as Percy to his friends), who has several years of HR experience within P&G. Percy mapped out in detail the importance of selecting the right skills, knowledge, and experience in individuals for a business to achieve those vital business goals, productivity, and profit. Helping trainees to acquire interviewing techniques, and understanding the legislation around recruitment and retention, ensure strong sustainable businesses with diverse well-skilled and motivated individuals.

Ayanda Mzondeki, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and co-founder of MD Liyema Consulting, and Bianca Clarke, Founder and MD of B Inspired, took over from where Percy left off and shared their collective HR experience. This helped the participants to understand how to use HR practices to support the growth of their businesses effectively.

The 10-module training course concludes on 28 July with a graduation ceremony. Feedback received has confirmed the value of the training to date: “It has been a phenomenal networking experience;” “I have a “better understanding of funding models and corporate contracts;” and, “The support from some of the other ladies has been wonderful.”

For more information, contact: Jean Chawapiwa, Country Director of WEConnect International in SA,  jchawapiwa@weconnectinternational.org+27 836606586