July 1, 2020


HOUSTON, TX, July 1, 2020 — For more than two decades, I have worked at one of the largest corporations in the world, ExxonMobil. Today, I am stepping back from my corporate role to take on this exciting new opportunity with WEConnect International as its new President and Chief Marketing Officer.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of WEConnect International as the organization begins its second decade of operation. What first attracted me to the organization is the strength of the brand and its core mission to put money into the hands of women by promoting gender equality through inclusive sourcing. Through my deep business expertise developed over years in multiple industries and functions, I will strive to inspire the WEConnect International community and catalyze change that helps both buyers and sellers connect more effectively in a global marketplace.

My first introduction to WEConnect International was on stage with CEO and Co-Founder, Elizabeth A. Vazquez, at the Mexico Women’s Forum where I was impressed with the organization’s mission. Over the past few years, I have volunteered to help the organization better understand what motivates buyers and suppliers while defining WEConnect International’s unique position as a global leader in the supplier diversity and inclusion sphere. Now as president, I will work tirelessly to help accelerate growth to meet our ambitious strategic goals.

My time in the corporate world gave me multiple opportunities to grow the footprint of global brands and develop the business case to focus resources to achieve a specific outcome. The business case for inclusive sourcing is powerful and compelling, providing WEConnect International a platform to expand around the world, demonstrating to our global buyers why they need to join forces with us for greater impact.

My background enables me to understand the needs of women-owned businesses trying to scale their work and what it takes to improve their chances of success. I have spent years managing large budgets, selecting suppliers, and sustaining a competitive edge with brands. As the workforce has changed, coaching and mentoring female leaders to leverage their natural talents to make a difference in business became a personal passion of mine, while also learning how to achieve success in my own career.

Looking towards the future, there is no better time to reimagine the global value chain and work tirelessly to “Rebuild Strong” following the challenge of the current pandemic. WEConnect International’s core strength is its dedicated team and its proven track record, value proposition and established global brand position.

Ultimately, our underlying goal is to empower women-owned businesses so they can be successful. We are committed to increased matching of buyers to sellers in our global marketplace. But we cannot do it alone. We want to motivate potential member buyers and women-owned businesses to join in our mission. With your help, influence, and support, together we will change the world!

Rebecca Pearson
President and Chief Marketing Officer, WEConnect International