South Africa
September 26, 2016


26 September 2016, Johannesburg

WEConnect International in South Africa, in partnership with M. Prem Inc and B Inspired, hosted a Legal Bootcamp on 23 September 2016, with the venue provided by EY in Johannesburg. This training and development session for Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) focused on application of commercial and corporate law to businesses and HR best practices. More than 40 WEConnect International registered and certified women business owners (WBOs) and Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) attended the session.

The Legal Bootcamp was presented by Monisha Prem and Bianca Clarke [shown in photo left to right], both of whom are WEConnect International in South Africa WBOs. Monisha is the founder and CEO of M. Prem Incorporated, and an admitted attorney specialising in commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and business law. Bianca is MD and Founder of B Inspired.  With over 16 years of Human Resources expertise within large local and global corporations, she was able to provide practical HR solutions for the WBOs.

Jean Chawapiwa, Executive Director of WEConnect International in South Africa opened the session with an update on the organisation’s 2016 activities, corporate opportunities and planned events to year end. She welcomed all attendees, asking those who were attending a WEConnect International event for the first time to self-register and consider certification. She said, “Given the overwhelming demand, the Legal Bootcamp might be held again this year. We realise that legal aspects of business can be very time and resource consuming. As businesses grow, the burdens and regulatory challenges for entrepreneurs often become more significant.”

The interactive training session targeted SMMEs, providing practical guidelines. Bianca gave a brief training on HR practices for SMMES. Known as the HR Guru, she told the audience that there is no such thing as HR in a box. Monisha provided guidance on identifying and complying with legal requirements relating to business. She said, “Businesses are faced with daily changing regulatory, compliance and legal risk management requirements that present a host of challenges to entrepreneurs and business managers alike. The objective of this workshop is to provide practical guidelines to entrepreneurs on identifying, complying and managing legal risks in business.”


The training offered WBOs insight into the day-to-day HR and legal processes and risks, which SMMEs face. The information-packed session ended with the WBOs asking questions on situations they were experiencing in their businesses. Monisha Prem has also published a book called Snapshot your Business. A Simple Legal Guide for Entrepreneurs which was on sale, and a copy was raffled for a lucky winner.

WEConnect International believes more sessions like this are important to help SMMEs to access information and understand legislation that protects their businesses and assists with their growth. Jean said, “We are very grateful to Monisha and Bianca for the quality and accessibility of the information provided, and to corporate member EY for providing the venue.”

WEConnect International helps women-owned businesses succeed in global value chains. It identifies, educates, registers and certifies women’s business enterprises based outside of the U.S., which are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women, and then connects them with qualified buyers.

M. Prem Inc is a women-owned and managed law firm specialising in business law and business development. Its services include contract negotiation and preparation, mergers and acquisitions structuring and facilitation, regulatory and corporate governance compliance, enterprise and supplier development intervention.

Contact Bianca on Facebook and Twitter. Contact Monisha via her website, Facebook and Twitter.

CONTACT: Jean Chawapiwa, Executive Director of WEConnect International in SA I  jchawapiwa@weconnectinternational.org I +27 836606586