June 4, 2020

Webinar – How to Do Business with the UN

ONLINE, June 4, 2020 – Attendees of this webinar learned what it takes to become a successful vendor to the United Nations.  As a partner of the United Nations Procurement DivisionWEConnect International supports its efforts to buy more from more than 100 countries in the world, especially women in Asia Pacific. A global organization with over $18 Billion in procurement spend annually, the United Nations has a goal of increasing supplier diversity with a particular focus on women-owned businesses. 

About the speakers 

Mika Kitagami 

Ms. Mika Kitagami is Chief Vendor Registration and Outreach of the United Nations Enabling and Outreach Service, Office of Supply Chain Management, Department of Operational Support in New York. Prior to joining the Department of Support, she has held several posts in the United Nations including team leader for the vendor registration and management team, team leader for general administration team with the Procurement Division in New York Headquarters, administrative officer with the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, administrative officer/finance officer with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, and as administrative and fund management officer with the UN Environment Programme in Osaka, Japan. 

Rury Molina 

Mr. Rury Molina is Chief Procurement Officer stationed in UNESCAP Bangkok, part of the UN Secretariat reporting to the United Nations Procurement Division based in New York. Mr. Molina has more than twenty years of experience in the international trade arena. Before joining the UN, he developed his career in the private sector. In the UN Secretariat, Mr. Molina has worked in procurement division headquarters in New York as team leader, then becoming chief, procurement officer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia with UNECA. He has also worked as a procurement officer in Panama City, and currently holds the position of Chief, Procurement Officer in UNESCAP in Bangkok.