May 6, 2020


NIGERIA: May 6, 2020 — Women business owners gained expert advice on the need to manage emotional and mental wellbeing during the current pandemic. Attendees learned the importance of providing balanced leadership while ensuring their business teams are positively tuned mentally in times of crisis. Part of the Amazon Mindset series, the webinar provided proven approaches to “Keep Your Head Up.”

Acclaimed international expert trainer on stress and stress management, Dr. Maymuna Kadiri, led the event and shared a global view on how vital a positive mental outlook is in difficult times. She revealed insights into the workings of the mind and how to use that knowledge to overcome the mounting challenges that are causing women business owners to struggle to make it day by day now.

Topics included:

  • Stress: how to identify it and how to beat it, using the stress continuum
  • Emotional and mental management
  • Encouragement and good communication for team building
  • Remote Work – maintaining zeal, managing work-life dynamics

About Dr. Maymuna Kadiri
Dr. Kadiri is the Medical Director of WEConnect International certified women-owned businesses Pinnacle Medical Services, based in Nigeria. Dr. May is a neuro-psychiatrist and Fellow of the National Post-Graduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCPsych) and certified Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist from Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA. She is also a certified trauma counsellor, occupational health and safety physician, neurofeedback practitioner, radio and television guest, and author. She has consulted for businesses on employee performance problems, workplace interpersonal conflict management challenges, team building and other behavioral issues of business interest.