Empowering Women, Enriching Economies: The WEConnect International & UPS Partnership

Transforming Business Landscapes in Nigeria and South Africa


A Synergy of Empowerment and Economic Growth
Discover the powerful alliance between WEConnect International and UPS, a partnership dedicated to ‘Empowering Women, Enriching Economies’ in Nigeria and South Africa. This initiative is not just about supporting women-owned businesses; it’s about catalyzing economic prosperity in these nations.

WEConnect International: Pioneers in Women’s Business Empowerment
WEConnect International is more than a network; it’s a movement. We connect women-owned businesses with global opportunities, believing firmly that women’s economic empowerment is key to global economic growth.

UPS: Driving Growth Through Inclusive Support
UPS is not just about logistics; it’s about possibilities. Committed to inclusive growth, UPS leverages its global network to elevate women entrepreneurs in Nigeria and South Africa, understanding that their success is integral to economic enrichment.

Our Mission: Empower and Enrich

  • Empowerment Through Education: Offering webinars and training tailored for women entrepreneurs.
  • Economic Enrichment: Facilitating access to new markets and global supply chains.
  • Sustainable Business Growth: Ensuring long-term success with a focus on community impact.

Become a Part of Our Journey
Join us in this transformative journey. If you are a woman-owned business in Nigeria or South Africa, become a part of our network and play a role in enriching economies.

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