January 4, 2017


WEConnect International CEO and Co-Founder Elizabeth A. Vazquez sat down with Your Story to discuss the annual ThinkBig conference and to discuss WEConnect International’s work in India and around the world. Excerpts include:

“Think Big is our message to Indian women who have the gift of entrepreneurial spirit.”

“Startups are exciting. I love to see disruptive innovation. It is exciting to witness entrepreneurs deal with and develop solutions, including in technology. In Bengaluru, there is exceptional work being done by startups. People are educated and very entrepreneurial. They are present in growth-oriented sectors.”

“I am happy to see that the Government of Karnataka is invested in women. It is the government that helps with things like seed money, which helps women grow not just financially but in confidence as well.”

SK. Ratna Prabha, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka also spoke with Your Story. She spoke about the Government’s commitment to women business owners and creating a global community of women entrepreneurs.