October 5, 2016


This year, WEConnect International partnered with Global Citizen to inspire corporations and everyday consumers to buy products and services from women-owned companies. Ahead of Global Citizen Festival 2016, Global Citizens around the world took more than 1.3 million actions over three months to:

  • Secure 14 new commitments and 15 announcements to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
  • Ensure accountability and delivery of 6 commitments made in the past on Global Citizen platforms.
  • Push forward 9 campaigns on which further action is needed to ensure that world leaders keep their promises to citizens.

Global Citizen has called the 2016 campaign for Women’s Economic Empowerment a top victory with nearly 25,000 signed petitions calling on companies and corporations to buy women owned:

“[WEConnect International corporate members] UPS, Walmart and Johnson & Johnson each commit to purchase $100 million from women owned businesses over the next three years. This total $300 million commitment is set to affect 240,000 lives by 2019, follows 30,000 actions by Global Citizens, and will be delivered through our partners at WEConnect International.”

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