December 15, 2019

Testimonials for WEConnect International China

Merry Fung


WEConnect International in China offers numerous opportunities for our company to make face-to-face connections with multinational corporations through networking events, trainings, conferences, and especially at the annual Marketplace event, where we really have the opportunity to sit down with MNCs.

We have attended all four years of the Annual Marketplace, and all of the events WEConnect International in China has hosted or invited us to, because we believe there is great value to all of their events. We are huge supporters and even volunteer to serve as an “Ambassador” for WEConnect International in China for areas in Southern China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau to share our positive experiences as a certified Women Business Enterprise.

Zhang Lei

China Golden Bridge

I really enjoy participating in WEConnect International in China’s Annual Marketplace due to its engaging format.

Our company benefits from the increased exposure at the exhibition area, and our female managers are able to take part in the targeted trainings to enhance their understanding of how companies can work with MNCs, as well as broaden their leadership skills. I also appreciate how WEConnect International in China streamlines the networking process at the Marketplace so that we can directly meet with many different corporate purchasing managers.

Ophelia Ma

Beijing Efficient Promotions

For several years my company only had three employees, but I wanted my business to grow so I decided to get certified in 2013 as a woman-owned business with WEConnect International in China.

Once I was certified, I saw immediate benefits to connecting with WEConnect International corporate members. In my first year of certification, I signed a contract with Accenture right after connecting with them at the 2013 WEConnect International in China Marketplace. The following year, I connected with Cummins when WEConnect International in China co-hosted a brown-bag lunch at their offices—which led to a contract with Cummins. This year, after WEConnect International in China invited me to attend the Intel “Supplier Connections Workshop”, I connected with Intel and now also doing business with them. In just three short years, my company has grown to over 80 employees after connecting with 3 corporate members to do business. I really appreciate all the support WEConnect International in China has given to me and other women entrepreneurs.