UK & Ireland
September 21, 2015


On Monday 21st September 2015, Sysdoc, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, was delighted to receive the award for being one of the 30 Top Employers for Working Families for a second time at a conference held by Working Families UK in London. The benchmark award recognises the family friendly working policies and practices of employers.

At Sysdoc, they have developed a set of values, and a work culture that embraces the full person, recognising the importance of retaining and developing talent within the organisation, whilst respecting needs people have at different stages of their lives. They have many employees with young families, elderly relatives or other family commitments, and balancing a busy and highly rewarding career with family needs is at the heart of what they do. They are committed to challenge the norms of the consulting industry, with a highly diverse team and a culture that looks to deliver innovation, value and real results using the best people for the right amount of time – which is not always full-time.

The Sysdoc values revolve around superb customer service, leadership through excellence and by example, commitment to personal growth, support for families and nurturing teams. Embedding these values into the culture of the organisation has resulted in flexibility being seen as part of business as usual. The company actively encourages individuals to consider both work and life aspirations, for example, making sure that at least one personal goal is included in performance appraisals.

Sysdoc has provided successful business transformation and change since 1986, skills which they have developed over the past 29 years to ensure a high level of client satisfaction, demonstrating an absolute business capability; and their policies for their working families have undergone a similar process to develop award winning schemes of which they are very proud.

Sysdoc was named among companies such as Deloitte LLP, EY and American Express as recognised leaders in working families policies and practices. Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families said:

“Working Families congratulates the top 30 organisations and top 10 small employers who have gained a well-deserved place as a Top Employer for Working Families. In a working environment where the Right to Request flexible working and Shared Parental Leave are now a reality, these employers have shown leadership and innovation in their engaged workforce.”

In addition to the awards, the National Work Life Week conference was a great opportunity for Sysdoc attendees, Morgan, Lauren and Deke, to learn more about the vital work-life balance that they pride themselves on maintaining at Sysdoc, from a variety of speakers at the event.

You can find out more about Sysdoc here: http://www.sysdocgroup.com/