October 20, 2015


ACK Human Resources Consultancy
became involved with WEConnect International in 2015 and decided to secure their certification in April 2016. At that time, Executive Director of WEConnect International in Turkey Nilay Çelik informed them that corporate member Accenture Turkey was looking for a women-owned IT headhunting company. Given the opportunity to present their services and successes, ACK won a contract with Accenture, and got to work in early May 2016. ACK has already done successful candidate placement for Accenture and has on-going recruitment projects as well.

What drew Accenture to ACK was their result-orientated approach to recruitment services based on the fundamental belief that finding the best available resource requires detailed analysis, extensive contacts, comprehensive assessments and persistence. They aim to select candidates who have both the formal qualifications, expertise and competencies required, as well as the potential to fit the company culture. ACK is thrilled to have won this contract with Accenture and eager to keep growing their businesses with future corporate contracts.

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