Zibo Zhaohai Light Industry Products

Zhang Zhonghong: A Glass Full of Possibilities

It all started with a man’s dream – a blazing fire of ambition that fueled the extraordinary journey of Zibo Zhaohai Light Industry Products Co. Sun Zhaohai, the tenacious founder, poured his heart and soul into building the company from scratch. With unwavering determination, he transformed a humble enterprise into a leading powerhouse, exporting daily glass products worth millions of dollars each year.

A tragic twist
But fate dealt a cruel blow in 2012, as the sudden loss of Mr. Sun Zhaohai left the company shattered and its employees reeling. Yet, amid the darkest hour, a beacon of hope emerged. Zhang Zhonghong, Mr. Sun’s wife, faced with the challenges of raising an infant son and a promising career in the Bank of China, fearlessly embraced the monumental task of managing the business. Defying people who questioned her ability, she resolved to honor her late husband’s legacy and safeguard the company for the sake of its devoted employees and their families.

Conquering the impossibilities
The path forward brimmed with obstacles – disillusionment, dwindling business, tariff and trade disputes, environmental constraints, and a relentless three-year epidemic. Yet, these formidable trials failed to quell Zhang’s fiery spirit. Recognizing that the company’s growth hinged on the collective progress of its people, she spearheaded a series of transformative initiatives. Through business knowledge and skills training, group development programs, and innovative production techniques, she galvanized every employee, every team, and every department to rise together.

Celebrating global recognition with WEConnect International
In a groundbreaking turn of events, Zhaohai Light Industry captured the attention of Target in 2022, propelling them into the international limelight through their partnership with WEConnect International. Filled with gratitude, Zhang said, “I’m grateful for WEConnect International’s recognition, philosophy, support, and the learning opportunities it brings to women’s businesses. I completely agree with WEConnect International’s sense of social responsibility. It provides a platform for global women’s enterprises to exchange and support each other, grow and develop, and enhance opportunities and capabilities to participate in international competition. I plan to actively participate in their learning and networking activities and give back to the community.”

Only victory
With unwavering dedication, Zhang Zhonghong’s tireless efforts bore fruit. The company’s export volume skyrocketed from a modest $17 million in 2012 to a staggering $30 million today, firmly establishing their status as an industry frontrunner. Not only did the company’s success surge, but its workforce also expanded by over 100 talented individuals, reflecting a vibrant ecosystem of growth and opportunity.


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