Japan Engine Valve Mfg. Co. (Dokuro)

Yuko Takahashi: Revving up the industry, one ride at a time

Have you ever seen Japanese cars with revving engines zooming past? Engineered to perfection, Japanese cars are a cut above the rest, thanks to their auto parts. Sounds like a man’s playfield, right? Wrong! No speedbump is too big for Yuko Takahashi, President, Japan Engine Valve Mfg. Co Ltd, also known as Dokuro. She’s making her mark in the auto parts business and beyond. Started in 1949 by her father, the company began manufacturing engine valves. Yuko is a second-generation entrepreneur who has been running this business for the last 23 years.

Embracing unique strategies for success
One of the unique features of our company is that we do zero subcontract work. It enabled us to go our own way without the influence of the parent company, but it did affect our sales. We decided to focus on our USP, which is a wide range of engine parts for the repair and maintenance market. We marketed ourselves as ‘We are Your Factory,” said Yuko.

Opening doors to global connections
Determined to be the world’s largest engine valve manufacturer, Yuko joined WEConnect International four years ago. “WEConnect International was my door to meet new customers. It’s amazing how it provides a unique platform for making global connections that would otherwise be difficult to come by. Connecting with a female business owner from South Africa who shares your interest in engine valves is a fascinating opportunity. And commissioning a company that provides translation services from Indonesian to Japanese is a prime example of how WEConnect International can help businesses navigate communication challenges across languages and cultures. With WEConnect International, the possibilities for global collaboration and growth are endless, and I can only imagine the exciting opportunities that lie ahead,” said Yuko.

Exporting excellence and empowering daily lives
Currently, Dokuro exports three million engine valves yearly to Latin America, South-East Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. The organization is also very keen on getting closer to customers by making their products affordable. Recently, there has been a surge in discussions surrounding the critical importance of sustainability, with a particular emphasis on the detrimental impact of petrol vehicles on our planet. “I’m all in for reducing the carbon footprint. I do care about the planet. But we still do not know how the other green options impact the environment. We will continue to manufacture our products for petrol powered vehicles as these are ones that most people can afford today. We cannot deprive our customers who own these vehicles,” said Yuko. “We are proud that there are so many people in the world who are able to continue their daily lives because of our small automotive component,” concluded Yuko.