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YN Attorneys

YN Attorneys: Empowering Other Female Entrepeneurs

Yolisa Ngxabazi is the owner of YN Attorneys, a black-owned, women-owned law firm providing legal and related advisory services in South Africa. In 2018, YN Attorneys saw substantial revenue growth through their contract with WEConnect International  member buyer Accenture.

Yolisa was first introduced to Accenture’s Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Africa lead through the 2016 WEConnect International in South Africa Annual Conference. 

“There are so many barriers to entry in the corporate market,” says Yolisa. “Through the WEConnect International platform and corporations like Accenture, who consciously give opportunities to small businesses, we were able to penetrate the corporate market and provide the necessary support in the realization of their core objectives.”

After months of meetings and further dialogue, YN Attorneys was invited to present at Accenture’s legal symposium which formed part of their Diverse Supplier Development Program. Months later, in June of 2018, YN Attorneys was officially offered a contract.

“As an owner of a black-owned and women-owned law firm, Accenture’s incubation under their Diverse Supplier Development Program, along with the awarding of this contract, has absolutely built the firm’s liquidity, credibility and recognition nationally and globally,” says Yolisa. 

Yolisa was invited to speak on a panel with Accenture and WEConnect International in Geneva for the 2018 WTO Public Forum.

As Yolisa reflects on her business growth, she notes her continued prioritization of empowering and speaking out for other women entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond.

“As an entity that has five resources, four of which are female,” says Yolisa. “we are aggressive on our short-term recognition in the African continent, which will result in the recruitment of young female attorneys to participate in specialized trade and commercial transactions.”

Learn more about YN Attorneys by visiting their website.