Metrix Earns Total Confidence and Trust

More than 30 years ago in Toronto, Canada, partners Susan Caldwell and Christine Pyla saw an opportunity for a new kind of training design agency that created exceptional content driven by results. They founded Metrix, the name a play on the metrics they incorporate into their learning designs.  

Jessica Knox, its current CEO, has worked at Metrix for more than ten years and took ownership of the company last year.  

“Since our inception, Metrix has been working in what I consider the most positive side of HR,” she says. “We aim to help people gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. We work hard to do it in a way where employees enjoy their training and, if we are lucky, are inspired to continue learning. The skills gained often transcend a specific role and help people throughout their careers.” 

Last year, she attended the WEConnect International Canada Conference, where she “appreciated the sense of community and the structured introductions to companies who were looking to expand their supplier diversity.”  

At the conference, Ms. Knox met the Johnson & Johnson’s procurement team, who was already working with Janssen–also registered with WeConnect International–and that helped build credibility for Metrix. Metrix’s broad experience working in pharma and medical writing capabilities also matched J&J’s needs. 

BShe’s also gained one important business insight to share with female colleagues. It came to her several years ago after participating in business strategy exercises at SheEO, an incubator for women-owned businesses. She realized how critical it is for female business owners to know, with total clarity, the goals for the company, team and themselves.  

“Resist the urge to adhere to ‘shoulds,’“she advises. “From there, you have to work towards that vision with total confidence and trust in yourself.” 

Metrix believes the world is in the middle of a quiet revolution in workplace learning, with COVID-19 accelerating everything. They see a shift from corporations looking for “training programs” to a need for quicker, more responsive professional development plans for their workforces.  

As Metrix adapts to the changing environment, they continue to identify new ways to work with their Canadian contacts.

Ms. Law says, “Nicole at Johnson & Johnson has offered to share our story and services with the global J&J procurement team. We will spend more time developing relationships at Janssen and J&J, knowing that we now have a growing track record of successful engagements.”