Groupe V Courrier

Groupe V Courrier Moves from Second to First Choice Supplier

Armed with nothing more than a unique passion for customer service, Nathalie D’Aoust launched Groupe V Courrier in 2008. Her Quebec business started out as an excellent plan B for customer who encountered delivery problems with envelopes, parcels and skids that need to arrive the sameor next day or next-day. As these “Plan B” customers discovered how reliable and professional her team is, their business grew into trusted partnerships.  

However, while happy with Groupe V Courrier’s rising reputation, Ms. D’Aoust soon felt the need to expand. 

“To grow as a business and a person, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone,” says D’Aoust. “While I had been successful working with small- and medium-size companies, I wanted to sell my firm’s services to big companies.” 

So, in March 2014, Nathalie secured WEConnect International certification after attending a meeting with local women’s organization and partner RFAQ.  

“I knew that [big companies] required an approach different from what I was used to. I would need to gain some insight and knowledge about the sales process for such firms,” she says. “So I reached out to WEConnect International.”   

After just one year of participating in WEConnect International’s events, she was already landing new contracts with corporate members Sodexo and UPS. Additionally, in 2016 Groupe V Courrier was selected as one of WEConnect International in Canada’s Women’s Business Enterprise of the Year.   

Moreover, D’Aoust says that meeting inspiring women business owners through WEConnect International is a “key value.” She learned best practices and practical advice that have contributed significantly to her sales. Specifically, the company has grown by five percent and has hired four extra delivery drivers in the last 12 months.  

“To find potential customers,” says D’Aoust. “I will continue going on WEConnect trade missions and attending trade fairs.” 

The next avenue of expansion for the firm: opening a third-party distribution center to provide warehousing and distribution services for importers.